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Capital One Executive Office Success!

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Capital One Executive Office Success!

I've had an Orchard card since August 2010 & a Cap1 Platinum since September 2011.  Back in February of this year, Cap1 EO upped my Platinum card's CL from $750 to $1,500 and added 1% travel rewards.  Earlier this week my Orchard card was auto converted to another Platinum with no change in the CL ($500).  I tried the Luv buton on the former Orchard card and got the ten day message.


Emailed Cap1 EO on Monday seeking coversion of both cards to QuickSilver.  By yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon I grew inpatient and called the EO.  I decided to ask for that and a little more.  In addition to PC's to QS, I asked for AF waivers and CLI's on both cards.  I didn't get everything I asked for but almost!


(1)  PC to QuickSilver:  No.  They cannot do that unless you have an "offer" to change on your account.  (This must be some automated computer program that decides who is elligible and who is not.)  BUT she quickly offered to convert both my cards to 1.5% cash back (the same as QS).  My existing travel rewards would be converted to cash rewards.  Score!


(2)  AF waiver:  Credit issued on both cards equal to AF's.  One interesting thing about this is that I had assumed the old Orchard $74 AF would automatically be reduced to the typical Platinum AF which is $19 on my other card, but the EO CSR said one AF was $74 and the other was $19.  Glad I called in and got those credits.  The credits are already showing up online even though the AF's aren't scheduled to hit until August & September.  Score!


(3)  Was told I would have to wati 2-3 days for underwriting decision on CLI's.  I asked for $1,500 to $5,000 and $500 to $2,500 even though on the former card I had a CLI five months before.  She said you usually have to wait 6 months for another CLI, but she would submit it if I wanted.  Heard back today (one day later).  CLI's granted in the amounts of $1,500 to $5,000 and $500 to $1,500 ... better than I expected and the new CL's are already showing up online.  Score!


I know there is a lot of Cap1 hate on this board, but they were my first rebuilder card (even after I burned them on a card several years ago) that had decent terms, no outrageous AF, and felt like a real credit card instead of just a vehicle to pay exhorbinant fees in return for establishing a trade line.  Moreover, the two times I have contacted Cap1's EO they have been outstanding.  Neither time did they give me 100% of what I asked for but probably gave me 80-90% each time and acted professional and happy to do so.


If you call the Cap1 EO, please do so sparingly and judicially, ask for things that are reasonable given your credit profile and your credit history with Cap1, and accept what they can or cannot do for your card at this particular moment like a diginified adult.  There are already signs that they are tiring of the deluge of phone calls and emails and are trying to transition people back to their online services and regular CSR's.  It would be very easy for them to pull the plug on this altogether.  It is a golden goose that few Cap1 customers know exists.  I am grateful to those fellow forum members who shared this information with me.  I pledge not to abuse it and hope others will do the same.


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Re: Capital One Executive Office Success!

About four hours after I was informed of the CLI's from the EO and they showed up on my account online, I received an online document declining my previous Luv button CLI request.  The reason given was:  "While we complete account transitions we are unable to offer credit limit increases. Thanks for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience."



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Re: Capital One Executive Office Success!

Hey congrats for being persistent and it paid off!! That CLI button will hopefully come in handy in 6 months

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