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Capital One Executive Office information.

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Capital One Executive Office information.

I have a Capital One non secured card since 2006. The card limit was $300 and then they increased the CL to $500 after 6 months and 2 years ago they increased to $2000. I know Capital one CL is very hard to get but I would like to try getting a CL on this card. I have read many members of the forum had success calling the executive office or emailing them.  I tried to look for their number in the forum but didn’t get that information. If any one has Capital One Executive Office   phone number or email address, would you please PM me the information?

Thank you for your help.



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Re: Capital One Executive Office information.

There been several new threads in the past 48hrs about the Cap1 EO no longer giving out CLi.


Of course some have said they still had success so YMMV.


The information you are looking for is all over the web and this web site.



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Re: Capital One Executive Office information.

The EO number is 1-800-955-1455.


They don't 'give out' CLIs anyway. What they do is actually physically bring your credit report and request to a human being analyst to make a decision.. which is very hard to come by with Capital One since almost every decision in the company is made by a computer. Give it a shot.. there is no harm in trying. It's a soft pull. Cap One pulls your credit once a month and keeps it on file.. so they go by that. If you have anything significantly different that is positive on your CR and you want them to see it, specifically request a hard pull.. if you can afford it..

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Re: Capital One Executive Office information.

PM sent with e-mail information.

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