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Capital One Executive Office

Moderator Emerita

Re: Capital One Executive Office

notfancy wrote:

Kimo1983 wrote:

Can you please pm me Capitalone EO email?

I see you requested it again in a separate thread and Cold kindly sent it to you, however, it is not something we are allowed to post on the forums. I pasted a link here to help you, and all any one needs to do is follow that link and with a small bit of reading they will find the email address that they are looking for.


This question comes up a LOT. I understand that people get very frustrated, and don't know if they  have the correct information, but it would really be nice if we could get a sticky or something so that there is even a small chance of this question coming up so often.


Personally, I did a search on this site and found out a ton of info on Capital One. I Googled the information as instructed, found the EO name and I sent an email. I have had numerous successes in doing so. Is it a pain, yes. I wish I could just get auto CLIs or CLIs from using the button on their site. I hate that their EO office is hidden unless people can find this forum or others like it, but that is how they choose to manage their accounts.

The issue of posting Cap 1 EO info has come up several times.  This thread has several replies giving the information but instead, some find it just easier to ask. Google, do a forum search,  etc will provide a user the email address faster than posting the same question but to each is own.  


I have been trying to lock threads that ask the same question because the answer is easy to find -generally a post or to above the request- but the continue to pop up.


So, I will repost the information again:



Please use this information for Capital One's Executive Office

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