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Capital One - Factors Considered for CLI

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Capital One - Factors Considered for CLI


I'm sure many of you have already read of the FAQ on Cap 1's website but with all the recent posts about CLI request I thought I'd post this particular statement from Cap 1 stating what they consider when deciding whether or not to grant a CLI.  I think it's good information to know before submitting an online request for CLI.



"When considering an account for a credit line increase, we may look at a variety of factors such as your account status and payment history, how much you use your existing credit line, and credit bureau information.

One of the factors we may look at is whether you have a history of making on-time payments and how much of your balance you typically repay each month. As an example, we generally don’t approve requests if there has been a late payment in the past six monthsIn addition, we typically only approve requests for credit line increases when a customer has a history of repaying a large proportion of their balance each month.  We would like to be confident that you can make the increased payments that would be required if you used your increased credit line.

Another thing we may check is the information in your credit bureau report. Some things that may affect our decision are the amount of debt on your credit report, the number of requests for credit reported by the credit bureau, and your credit score.

We also may look at whether you use a large portion of your existing credit line. If you regularly use your card and make payments on time, it builds your account's payment history. If not, we may not have sufficient payment history to review."


I hope this info is helpful to someone.


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Re: Capital One - Factors Considered for CLI

I think this goes for all lenders...... They want you to use their cards, pay them back and never be late!

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Re: Capital One - Factors Considered for CLI

I agree and totally understand.  But some may not be aware of this because years ago, when I was younger, not using or rarely using your credit limit was actually how you were rewarded with a CLI.  So just thought it might be good to remind some and inform others, what is being considered when granting credit/CLI Smiley Wink

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Re: Capital One - Factors Considered for CLI

CC product lines each have a profitability model built into each one.  While the vendor may have a low interest card(s) and a higher interest rewards card(s), each product if offered with specific goals in mind for the lending company.  This also governs to whom they will market each type of cc product.  On some cards they will offer CLIs relatively freely while on others they don't offer them at all. 


Case in point - I called CapOne on another matter and asked why it said on their website that they could not award me a CLI on a recent online application (it didn't even make it into their system, it was spit out) -- their CSR explained that the particular card I had did not permit CLIs at all and the reason I was given a high CL in the first place, it was that I was deemed a very low credit risk to begin with.  They were reviewing their product offerings and said that they would review whether or not to offer CLIs for the card that I had.  The card that was issued is only granted to users with excellent credit in the first place.  Now you can take that explanation with a few grains of salt but it made reasonable sense to me.  In any case, I had no need for any further credit and didn't press the issue.


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