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Capital One Product Change Success!


Capital One Product Change Success!

Just came across some fantastic news tonight. Called Capital One & to my surprise I was able to product change to the Quicksilver Card with no AF. I got the platinum unsecured card on 3/16/21 with a $500 limit. It's been a little past 100 days. I read somewhere that someone here on the forums got a PC after 100 days so I decided to give it a shot and called in. They told me to call in tomorrow morning because that department is closed. Either way, my question is, should I go ahead and ask for a CLI before PC'ing? Or should I get the PC and wait until my sixth month for a CLI?

Total Credit Limit : $26,600
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Re: Capital One Product Change Success!

Contrats 🤩....I had the same progression with Cap 1 and I waited for months after the PC before I asked and received a CLI 

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Re: Capital One Product Change Success!

Congratulations on your PC! 1.5% cashback with no AF is nice to have. CapOne's cashback system is super easy to use. 

To answer your question, there is no connection between the PC and the CLI timeline. Your eligibility for a CLI depends on many factors, but PC date isn't one of them. I did the same PC as you last spring, and got a CLI about two months later. 

Now the bad news: Capital One CLI's are almost always very small. Most likely, after you have had the card for six months or more, if you use it a lot and everything else is good, the most you will get on a $500 limit is a $100 CLI. 

But go ahead and request as often as you want. It's been consistently SP (but I think it's wise to freeze your reports just to make sure no HP sneaks in) and they don't penalize you for a denial. 

Good luck!

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