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Capital One QS1 to QS PC... Finally!

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Re: Capital One QS1 to QS PC... Finally!

@UncleB wrote:

Somebody call the preacher... I think hell just froze over!  Smiley Surprised


I was bored, and figured I'd try the Capital One chat again just to see if by some chance I would have a different result in having my QS1 changed to a no-AF Quicksilver.  The account will be nine years old in a few months, and has a legacy annual fee of $79 which they have consistently refused to waive.  The best I've been able to do is get half of it credited back after the fact, which leaves me with a fee of $39.50, which is still higher than a new QS1 card holder would pay.


I've been trying for literally years now to get something done about that AF; each time I've been told "there are no offers available on your account".  The last time I tried was during the holidays... I was given the usual 'no' and encouraged to try back in a few weeks, but otherwise I was exactly where I started. 


Fast-forward to today, I figured I would give it a try just to see what would happen.  I fully expected to be told 'no' once again, and in a few months to simply merge the QS1 into my newer QS Visa Signature before the AF is due and call it a day.  Since I would really prefer to retain the older account due to it's age I decided to give it another go. 


This time was different... a product change was available!   worthy.gif


My account could be PC'd to either the Venture One or the Quicksilver, so of course I chose the Quicksilver.  My credit limit is only $3900, so I might have cost myself a chance at a World MasterCard by not waiting until it was over $5k, but that's OK... my main objective was to be able to retain the card with no AF, which I've now accomplished. 


The APR on this card is a relatively low 15.15% (compared to my QS Visa at 18.15%) so the thought has crossed my mind to combine the QS Visa and keep the MasterCard, but there are balance transfer options on the Visa that the MasterCard doesn't get, so for now I'll just leave them where they are.  It's something I can always revisit in the future, though.


I'm putting this here instead of in approvals since it really only involves an annual fee, and my primary purpose is to provide a data point regarding a QS1 to QS upgrade.  This account was an Orchard Bank/HSBC account before it was converted to Capital One, and until now I thought that the account's humble beginnings would forever hold it back.  If you've been trying to get your own card upgraded, don't give up... I'm proof that they can "change their mind"!  Smiley Very Happy


Note:  My online profile still shows a QS1 MasterCard, but the CSR said it would take 2-3 days for the change to be complete so I guess this is to be expected.



Edit:  Corrected APR

Great post UncleB,

Like I stated in another post, it seems like Cap1 is mixing things up a bit.


They won't allow additional funds to be added to a secured card or give CLI's on them (Might be getting ready to phase them out), the now offer a new Rebuilder card with low qualifications and CL, the Plats and QS1's now PC to the regular QS wtih no AF, older QS1's that woulddn't PC might now be available for one, ect.


There may be some other new quirks that I'm not aware of but it looks like "The times they are a changin' Pa"!!!

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