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Capital One Question

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Capital One Question

I had a bk almost 10 years ago. More than re-established myself. Cap 1 denied me since I flushed on them. Anyone know how long they track ?
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Re: Capital One Question

I'll be interested to see if anyone has an answer to your question.


I just posted this morning that they must have a blacklist. However, some people who have included them in BK (even recently) are somehow getting approved.


 I was wondering if it depended whether or not they sold the debt off. My theory was that maybe if they have sold the debt, they don't keep a record of it. In my case, they are the only credit card in my BK who DIDN'T sell the debt off.


Guess I'll let that one go.........


Oh well

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Re: Capital One Question

i just posted on krielly's thread about this exact thing.


i had a card go to charge-off back in 1999 with capital one.  i just got a new card with them in september '08.

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