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Capital One Quick Silver / EO / PC... SUCCESS!!

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Capital One Quick Silver / EO / PC... SUCCESS!!

I had posted my partner went through EO 6 or so months ago to PC to the Cash Card and CLI from $7500 to $15k and lower APR to 13%.

When I saw the Quicksilver come out I started looking at that and was told to check back after the 14th on the account.  On that day I posted an exhausting conversation of normal capital one and wrote an email instantly to EO stating that you can see by my complete non use of the card how much I dislike you.

EO calls and my partner gave me the phone and the guy says almost instantly your looking for quicksilver and your account is able to PC to it and it is available through the account specialists (regular CSR).

I said while I appreciate the ease of the upgrade and "do" hope that these changes for CSR to handle more customer concerns and requests turns out to be true moving forward if it had been available through them I never would have spent the time to write to you!


One more added note because I know so many have posted, he stated that any annual bonus earned on the cash card would be added to the quicksilver reward balance within 5-7 days and the new card would arrive in 5-7 days also!!

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Re: Capital One Quick Silver / EO / PC... SUCCESS!!

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