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Capital One Recon number..

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Capital One Recon number..



I just called to recon a cap one denial from last night, I first spoke with a regular account specialist and she transferred me to the application department. The guy I spoke with gave me the full name of the department but I can't remember exactly what he said. At any rate, I asked for the number to reach that department directly and he gave me the above number, he said to call that number directly for all things related to a current application.


I didn't see the number listed in the "backdoor numbers" thread, and I couldnt reply to that thread so I figured I'd post it here.


Another piece of useful info is that he said the limit of applications for a cap one account per month is 3. He said that's why I got denied for the Journey card, because I had already applied and been approved for the Plantinum and Quicksilver One cards within the past 30 days. He said if you attempt an application for a third card in that time period, the system won't even pull your credit, it will just be an auto denial.

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Re: Capital One Recon number..

Unless underwriting has changed you can only have 2 mainline Cap-1 cards. You can get any number of co-branded cards (GM, Sony, Etc.)...

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Re: Capital One Recon number..

I have three quicksilver cards, a sony playstation card, and just apped for the venture card and was instantly approved.


granted 1 of the quicksilver cards was a former orchard bank card.  

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