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Capital One Secured CLI

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Re: Capital One Secured CLI

Does anyone know if Cap One ever actually spells out their terms anywhere for CLI on secured cards?  


I started out with a $451 limit 8 months ago (still not sure where that extra $1 came from).  I usually keep it close to the limit but I ALWAYS pay on time & most months I'll even send in 1-2 extra payments to keep it down as much as possible.  I added a $550 deposit two weeks ago to increase my limit to $1000 & I also saw the link to request a CLI online (I hadn't noticed this before).  I figured I'd get it to $1000 on my own & if they could increase it at least a little that would help.  I was sent an email saying my card type "doesn't qualify for CLIs"...& today I received a letter in the mail saying the same thing.  I know this is a lie b/c I've seen many people on here & other sites post they've received them & it states on the Cap One site (on the page for info on the secured card):  


"You may also earn a credit line increase based on your payment history and creditworthiness."  


Obviously this doesn't say you WILL get an increase but it does say it is posssible but when I asked about it I was told it wasn't.  To me this is false advertising.  I wonder how many people Cap One has lied to to get their $ & then hold out on CLIs unless they get more money to hold onto indefinitely.  


I'm sure I sound bitter...& I guess I am.  lol



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Re: Capital One Secured CLI

I had a secured card from cap1 years ago for about 2 years with no cli and i eventually closed it. But i opened a new account in May 2012 with 200 secured. Added  an additional 300 in March 2013 and finally today received a 250 increase. Never thought i would see this day and i only had to wait 2 years lol

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Re: Capital One Secured CLI

My Cap1 secured had a cli today! I had this card for about 3yrs with only $100 cli for a while and then it stopped at $300. I just logged in today and seen that now I'm at $750 cl!!! Don't know why just random. Finally !!

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Re: Capital One Secured CLI

Joeyoey, I also have a secured capital one card. Here's the deal. They didn't lie to you. It is true, you can't Request an increase on a secured card. They can however be very strange as much as they want and just give you an increase on their terms at any time. I called and spoke with Capital one because I also requested an increase. I have had my account 13 months. I started with 700 of my own money (minus $149 original unsecured with capital one), they gave me an increase on their own after 7 months. So now my credit is $1000 after a $300 increase. They said who knows we might give you another one, but its up to the bank, lol.

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