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Capital One Secured Card CLI!!!!!!!!!!

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Capital One Secured Card CLI!!!!!!!!!!

Capital one just sent me this:


Dear xxxxx,


Sometimes being a responsible customer pays off—like right now! We’ve increased your credit line by $300. This increase is unsecured and provided automatically, so you don’t need to send an additional deposit to cover it. A higher credit line means you’ll enjoy more flexibility and be better prepared for life’s unexpected expenses.
Now put your new credit line to work for you. You’ve earned it! To check out this increase, just access your account online. And of course, feel free to keep adding funds to your security deposit. Don’t forget you’re eligible for free CreditInform®* with this account—sign up today by calling toll free 1-877-511-7704. It’s a great way to track your credit and receive useful credit tools. 


I know this is probably not a lot to most of you on this board but from where I came from back when I got this card exactly 6 months ago today its a pretty amazing. I thought maybe I would get 100 dollar increase and have to try to beg the eo to get it. Here's what I did with the card. I started out with the full 200 dollar deposit so I was in the worst bracket cause they have the 99 and 49 deposit. I didn't use the card a lot for the first couple of months because the limit was so low. Then I added 800 to make my total credit line 1000. I started to use the card more made some 200 plus dollar purchases on it. Also, every month I would rotate which card between this and my boa secured would show less than 9% usage and always pay in full before the due date. I used the capital one luv button several times to check my eq score with myfico eq score which they update every 60 days. I also made payments about 4 times a month just to keep my balance lower.

AMEX PRG NPSL,Lowes $17000,Capital One venture card $12,000,Us Airways mastercard $9500,Fidelity Amex $9000, Discover it $8000, Capital One Venture One $7500, BOA 123 rewards $7500 CSP $6000, Capital One Quicksliver $5500, Amazon Store card$5000,Barclay
Card Ring $5000 Chase Marriott $5000,Chase Hyatt $5000, Sallie Mae Mastercard $4400, Paypal smart connect $4000,Chase Freedom $3200, Capital one Quicksliver visa $3000, Chase IHG Rewards $2300, Chase Southwest Premier $2000, Citi Double Cash $1500, AMEX BCE $1000

Last app July 22nd 2015- No apps for two years.
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Re: Capital One Secured Card CLI!!!!!!!!!!


Question, what was your score when you applied for the Boa secure card?

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Re: Capital One Secured Card CLI!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! Congrats! Didnt know they do clis for secured! Smiley Happy

LAST APP: 08/20/2013
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Re: Capital One Secured Card CLI!!!!!!!!!!


Before you app think...
Have you done your research of the CC?
Does it fit your spending?
Do you have a plan for the bonus w/o going into debt?
Can you afford the AF?
Do you know the cards benefits? Is it worth the HP?
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