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Capital One Secured Platinum Graduation + Product Change

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Capital One Secured Platinum Graduation + Product Change

Opened the account in 1/2019 at the beginning of my rebuild and received my security deposit back a few days ago. I was happy to see the card finally upgraded, I have not used it in several months. I make a minimal charge every few months to keep the account active so I do not have very much spend on it at all. Since the card graduated, I have been checking online for a product upgrade using the upgrade link and also adding =ProductUpgrade to the end of the web URL when accessing my account but with no luck.


Today, I checked again for an upgrade online but no lucky. I called into customer support to get my negative balance sent to me in form of a check (they have no other options) and while on the call, I asked to see if my account was eliglbe for an upgrade. The CSR said I was eligble to upgrade to the Quicksilver with no AF.  Two wins in one day, woohoo!


I wanted to pass along that even though online did not give me any options for a product upgrade, the CSRs were able to see it available in their system. I hope some of you have luck with ;unsecuring your card as well. Took about 2 1/2 years but Capital One approved me when no one else did during my rebuild (sub 500 FICO 8).


P.S. I am able to see the card as a Quicksilver now in the app and the CC # remains the same.

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Re: Capital One Secured Platinum Graduation + Product Change


Earlier this year I started seeing some success stories of Cap1 graduations.

I'm glad it worked out for you along with an upgrade.


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Re: Capital One Secured Platinum Graduation + Product Change

@randomguy1, Congratulations on your Capital One success!

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