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Capital One Secured Platinum closure notes

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Capital One Secured Platinum closure notes

I just closed my Capital One Platinum Secured card (CL $501) over the phone. In case anyone's curious how it goes down, it's pretty simple.


I just called the number on the back (1-800-CAPITAL), punched in the number, and told the robot I wanted to close my account. Everything happened using the robot and I didn't have to speak to a human.


It also told me these things that are probably worth sharing with the world in case anyone was wondering:


- The deposit will go toward an oustanding balance if any exists.

- What's left of the deposit will be mailed to me in check form after two billing cycles.

- If the deposit doesn't satisfy the balance, I will still receive statements with payments required.

- The deposit doesn't take the place of a minimum payment if one is currently due at the time of closure.

EQ8: 779 (Inq: 1) | TU8: 771 (Inq: 0) | EX8: 763 (Inq: 4)
Total Rev: $182,500
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