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Capital One - Sound like a scam?

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Capital One - Sound like a scam?

I am happy that I got approved for a Captial One Platnium Mastercard with a limit of $500 - finally something more than the $300 limits I have been receiving.  I received the card and had no problem activating it.  Once I tried to use it I got declined.  I tried again at a different place just to be sure and was declined again.


I called Customer service and they informed me that there was a fraud alert on my account.  I told her I didn't understand why when this is a new card and it is my first time trying to use it.  She told me I would have to fax in a copy of my government ID, pay stub, banking account statement and utility bill to have the fraud alert removed and to prove I am who I say I am.  They said it would take 48 hours to 4 days to verify the documents and remove the alert.


This alarmed me because I have never had this happen before with a CC.  Even when I had a CC put a fraud alert on my account I would just call verify who I am and verify my last purchases and the hold would immediately be removed.

I don't know if this is because I applied over the phone?  Or if this is a new scam for people to take my identity.  I wanted to get feedback from everyone before I faxed my documents in to them.  All the emails and mail I have received from them looks legit - but I want to be 100% sure....


Thanks for any feedback you can give Smiley Surprised)

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Re: Capital One - Sound like a scam?

If you are ever concerned about who is asking for certain information; call the number on the back of your card and speak with a representative. They will confirm what is needed and who to provide it to. It seems your account was approved, but they had trouble verifying your address or other pertinent information. This is common - some companies (Amex in particular) will request a 3-way conference call with your bank, but others just request documents.


Kudos for being careful with your personal information.

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Re: Capital One - Sound like a scam?

I'd play it even safer since hi-tech thieves might be able to knock out convincing looking fake credit cards.  I'd look up Capital One's phone number from their web site rather than from the back of a card which for some reason is not working properly.

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Re: Capital One - Sound like a scam?

When I first got my card, I had to call and verify my ID. The address on my CR was different from my current address, so it went instantly on fraud alert. Called Cap1, they asked information about my past residences, and released the card for use. Easy....

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