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Capital One Tiny Increase

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Re: Capital One Tiny Increase

 I’m also not sure it’s about scores. When I was approved for my QS a few years ago the score they pulled was 648. They started me at 5k. I just got a 3k increase last month ( I pc’d it to a Savor last year)after not requesting a CLI for about two years, so my limit is now at 24k. You are putting 3k through a month, so that sucks that you got such a little increase. That’s in the ballpark of how much spend my card gets.

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Re: Capital One Tiny Increase

Only time will tell how much an increase you get but as with most c1 cards, you might be bucketed so there is little to no chance of getting a proper cli if that is the case. My c1 is one of my lowest CL cards and I'm not happy.

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Re: Capital One Tiny Increase

When I started my credit repair a couple of years ago (in my sig line you can see when it was - just look for the sub-600 scores) Cap1  was my only card, and it was a Secured card with a $500 limit. They wopuld not let me add more funds to it to increase my limit. After a year they graduated me to an unsecured card and returned my savings account balance. Six months later I asked about a CLI. I got one - from $500 to $529. By that time I had an Amex with a $4,000 CL and was soon to get my 3x CLI, which I got. At that point I really did not need Cap1 and Cap 1 told me in every language they knew that they were not going to help me increase my scores and in fact would hinder me with such small CLIs. I told them to close the account and have not had a Cap1 since, nor will I ever consider one.

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Re: Capital One Tiny Increase

I also got a $100 CLI. Yay... Probably won't ever app for a new Crap1 unless they launch some amazing rewards card. Just let it age and age and age.

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