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Capital One Visa Rewards card with chip

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Re: Capital One Visa Rewards card with chip

Mine looks just like you described and has not been automatically replace with the Quick Silver card as I have one of those too. Same rewards as previous, just a new look with the upgraded chip technology.
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Re: Capital One Visa Rewards card with chip

@UncleB wrote:

@mountaindewvoltage wrote:

For the younger folks on here, when Visa Signature and MasterCard World cards first came out as NPSL offerings, they reported similar to how Amex charge cards report, that is with no credit line. 


There are still NPSL cards out there, my Chase Amazon Visa is one of them.

There are many NPSL cards around - my Capital One QS Visa is one as well. 


It's if/how a credit limit reports to the credit bureaus that's significant - that's what my post was regarding.  Smiley Wink

Yeah; I think BOFA was the last holdout (go figure right?) and they changed that policy back in mid 2012 if memory serves.  Good riddance, standardized reporting is a good thing, sorry Amex backdate lovers... course I was one of those hehe.

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