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Capital One account combination

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Capital One account combination

I have 2 capital one cards I was looking to combine. I paid off one a few weeks ago and the tool was there but wasn’t eligible at the time I was thinking due to pending interest. I went to look again today and the tool was gone. I called customer service and they said that they removed the option and don’t have an estimate when they may reactivate that option. Has anyone else experienced this? They told me the option went away Jan31st so just missed by a few days 😔. Thanks in advance for any advice on how to proceed.
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Re: Capital One account combination

This could be a new change with Cap One. I know when you combined accounts it reset your CLI eligibility date. Hopefully someone else can confirm soon. 

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Re: Capital One account combination

I just checked my accounts - no link to combine accounts anymore.

I called CSR and was told it’s no longer an option for my account. He didn’t know if it was a policy change but sounds like he may not be well informed.

I have QS1(June 18) and Platinum (Oct 18) the later is in credit steps, QS1 never was. Both accounts have $0 balance, never late, never anything negative. The link to combine has always been there as I’ve toyed with the idea of combining but opted to wait until Platinum is our of credit steps.
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Re: Capital One account combination

I was planning on combing next month when my second card hit 1 year but I guess that dreams been blown. Thanks for the heads up
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Re: Capital One account combination

Hopefully it will come back soon! Sorry to burst your bubble. Was hoping someone might have some information on the change. I’ve been gardening for 2 years and was hoping to combine my 3k Venture one and 2,300 Quicksilver into one so I have a better chance of getting my 2 dream cards this year. Hoping for a Chase Marriott and Amex platinum by the end of the year. Just waiting for all my cards to report as 0 then will pull the trigger on those apps. Good luck and if I hear anything I’ll be sure to update the post.
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I luckedRe: Capital One account combination

Wow, I lucked out. I combined my Quicksilver into my Venture just over a week ago online. I've done account combos at least 3 times now over the years.


I haven't had a CLI in over a year so i merged them. Use to get CLIs every 6 months.

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Re: I luckedRe: Capital One account combination

Yeah I also spoke with a CSR and they told me it was removed while they "upgrade" the process.  Sounds reasonable given the recent site upgrade/change, but who knows.  Hoping it will return soon as I just became eligible myself to combine two accounts.

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Does cap1 still let you combine accounts?

I cant find a way to do it under the "i want to" part of the website.

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Re: Does cap1 still let you combine accounts?

No, they removed the feature to update the website. CSRs say it will be coming back, but we have to wait and see if that is the case.

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Re: Does cap1 still let you combine accounts?

It's true.  I called today and was told it's not available right now & to call back in a few months to check if it's back.  I meant to do this a LONG time ago and didn't.  Took for granted it would be there.  So I closed the other account.  It had an annual fee and I didn't want to pay it.

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