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Capital One and Credit One not affiliated?

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Re: Capital One and Credit One not affiliated?

Ppl think it's just THAT simple
We watch too much TV

Yes Credit One ripped Capital One
but there is one big reason Capital One hasn't taken them to court.....they would LOSE, period.

We all may agree that it's a sneaky play on words but it has enough distinguishing it to NOT be within the realm of a slam dunk win for Cap-1

The colors are different
Capital One can't OWN the use of the word or # one
Nor can a bank be banned from using the word 'bank' in their name or advertising....
Same for the word 'credit'

The little half swoop is the ONLY card to play but the different color schemes, fonts and the fact that the first words are clearly distinctly unique will protect Credit One, whether we like it or not.

The fact is they count on the laziness of the public and they aren't the first nor the last to pull the near- beer gimmick to get over.

They would get to court and say 'We are clearly a different company, with easily seen different colors and for Pete sake.....only a moron would confuse the word Credit with the word Capital
And again one company can't own the word ONE
Other than that we're a bank, their a bank...we can't be prevented from using the term bank, right?

They'd win, folks
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Re: Capital One and Credit One not affiliated?

Yeah, they'd lose, but probably more importantly, I doubt they care too much about Credit One.


If anything, Credit One being in the marketplace (with more exposure than they deserve) is probably a good thing for all reputable banks. Credit One offering garbage products makes all the offerings of other banks look even more attractive.


The Credit One logo might tempt unsuspecting people to open the envelope. Now, once they actually read what's in that envelope, they'll realize just how awesome Capital One actually is in comparison.


I'm still relatively new to credit cards, and it's only when the Credit One/Premier/Verve mailers come out that I'm reminded just how awesome it is that there are so many great rewards cards with no fees out there. 


CapOne Secured ($500), Discover It ($1600), BOA Cash Rewards Secured ($500), Amazon Store Card ($2700), Chase Freedom ($6000), Citi DC ($3200), AMEX BCE ($3000), Chase Amazon Visa ($2000)
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Re: Capital One and Credit One not affiliated?

Well said @Papas
The truth is Credit One and companies of their elk obviously have a place in the market ( Viva la America)

Same thing with hotel/ motels
Some are by a hour...for quickie 'naps' where you dare touch anything....

Others are basic relatively clean...we keep the light on places, while others cost as much as rent to hang out for the weekend.

As you mentioned, it ain't that difficult to see that the Big Mic ain't the
Big Mac

FWIW the actual inventor of the Big Mac, was mentioned of the news last night, the guy died 90-something...I want to say Pittsburgh area.

It's always funny how someone in the field created lots of the STUFF in big business
Big Mac
Ronald McDonald
$5 foot longs
All field invented, not the Corp

A gut at lunch suggested that Aflac
sounded like a duck noise, next thing a old company had a new catchphrase....and ducks can't sue😂
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Re: Capital One and Credit One not affiliated?

Credit One used to send me so many promotional offers in the mail. Years ago, I took the bait and accepted and then two seconds later a friend called with more credit experience and told me I had better cancel that real quick because Credit One is not an honset company, that the fees are very high, and that if you ever need help it is almost impossible to get customer service and that they are not very nice at all. So I followed her advice. I feel like a lot of young people fall for them. It's a genuine concern--better to wait out the time till your credit is more established and you can get a decent credit card company than to go with Credit One and have to worry about potential fraud (maybe even from their own company, since there are stories of that happening.), and not being able to get any help with your account if you absolutely need it.

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