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Capital One and HSBC Executive Office Experience

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Capital One and HSBC Executive Office Experience

I know there are a lot of messages in regards to this already and I want to add my 2 cents to this as well in hopes that some people who get denied a CLI perhaps try again and don't give up.


After calling EXEC office twice earlier this year and getting nowhere with CLI, I finally emailed the CEO of capital one. I did put together a very elquant email clearly explaining my position and also understanding the fact that they have a sub-prime business and prime and where I lie. Outlined my experience and their lack of sup-prime growth other than credit steps and what I would describe lack of sensible plan on growing accounts and eventually customers who get out of sub-prime would probably not consider prime product with Capital one based on their treatment. It was outlined carefully, without blame or name calling...basically same outline I would use to my VP at work when I need to do an action plan..LOL


Anyway I got a call about this next day and we spoke for a bit. I have 4 accounts. 1 is going to be closed next week because AF is knocking on a door, high APR, no rewards and low limit. It was a sup prime HSBC card that did its trick, but dont need it anymore so I told the nice lady not to worry about it. I told her I want a CLI on my Best Buy RewardZone card and CapitalOne No hassle least double my the way I got shot down at leas twice in last 6 months by EC and countless of times by regular Capone people. my limit doubled on Capital one No Hassle Rewards within 24 hours, however HSBC seems to have their own divison and executive office and that's how its going to stay until end of July according to the Capital One people when computers and accounts will be merged. If the company is any like my big company...probably give and take extra month or two..LOL...


HSBC was not as helpful...even though I spoke to their Executive office they took a hard pull..which I dont care about since I don't have one since 3/2012 and still did not do anything for me...I fired another email praising the person at Capital one and my experience and also dissapointment with HSBC people (They were nice) but did not seem to do anything more than what I would get out of regular person.


I got a call from the Unit Manager today and she left a VM stating that as of now my limit on BBRZMC is also doubled and she was very very nice. Follow up is key just like in my business so as soon as I get a chance tonight will fire off another email to the CEO with praises and recognition for those folks. I Manage a Fortune 100 Executive Escalation team so I know how valuable feedback is on both ends.


Just my story...hopefully people will realize that you can do something and get great above and beyond service with good letter that does not criticize Capital one, but outlines honest flaws in some of the logic and then also praises accomplishment. I'm good with my credit line for next 12 months and I'll try again then...I like my cards, especially BBRZMC and use it often..more than AMEX, Discover IT and any other one..

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Re: Capital One and HSBC Executive Office Experience

Is the orchard bank executive office the same as HSBC EO?
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