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Capital One bites


Re: Capital One bites

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I have Cap1 also, it went from 250 to 750 in the first year and stop there. No matter what I do, they wouldn't increase it. I have few other cards with much higher CL to use, why bother? Use it to pay one or two bills and PIO every month.



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Re: Capital One bites

I have Capital One for 2 years and i'm getting tired of them. I dont really like their services. I first start with $300 credit limit, 6 months later it went up to $1000, then 1 year later CLI to $3,500 and stops there. The APR was high 12.89% with an annual fees of $29..I'm tired of Capital One with high rates and annual fees, I closed it and ADIOS CAPITAL ONE..
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Re: Capital One bites

niquieg wrote:

I'll probably close it in Dec. since I just paid my annual fee in Jan.

I called and tried to get a product change or upgrade on the card but the lady insisted on putting in a CLI for me again. Only for her to tell me i'll get a letter in the mail in 10 business days to let me know the status of the request.

We'll see what happens

I had the same thing happen. My card opened in 04. It started with  $300. & after 3 months went to $500. I was denied a CLI and denied a new offer. My scores are good now.


Anyway, I bet your letter is a deny.


I DID need a builder though. Capt1 also gave me a new car loan in 05 (very high intrest!).  I was able to refiance the high loan with Chase  07.

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