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Capital One cards...

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Capital One cards...

Do they do product changes?  Thinking of getting the Venture card, but if I don't want it long-term do they allow me to do a product change instead of closing the card out altogether?  Seems like most card companies allow this. 

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Re: Capital One cards...

They do offer the capability to PC, but not for all of their products. Potentially, you can downgrade to VentureOne or Quicksilver.

Provided that no restrictions may exist in the not-so-distant future, some folks have attempted to PC to Savor or SavorOne, but those have yielded no success...for now at least.
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Re: Capital One cards...

I ended my relationship with them a couple of years back because they would not PC my QS1 to a QS.  My profile was in good shape, but always a no-go.  It was always "there is no offer on your account."  A supervisor couldn't help or anything.  It was all computer generated, so they couldn't even give me a reason.


The frustrating part was in these same forums, I saw people getting it either offered to them, or by request with ease.  A lot of times, those same people had profiles that were highly questionable.  What I really got frustrated with is that they would then tell me I can app for that card at any time.  I would be thinking why should I have to do a triple pull when they were handing it out to everyone else without having to go through that.  I waited and waited, and eventually got tired of waiting.  Okay, personal rant over.Smiley Happy


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Re: Capital One cards...

I PC'd from platinum to venture held on for several months they offer me QS or venture one, no annual fee downgraded to Venture 1 also Cap1 gave my venture 1 a 3,000.00 CLI.!?!?!?
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