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Capital One cash back offers?

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Capital One cash back offers?

Anyone noticed this?Screenshot_20201017-034509_Chrome.jpg




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Re: Capital One cash back offers?

I noticed it a few months back. I can't really use most of those, but it's nice they're doing it. I haven't seen them change though...

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Re: Capital One cash back offers?

Maybe I need to actually log into my CapOne account because I didn't even know they had offers. May have to check them out and compare them to Rakuten/Chase/More Rewards portals.
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Re: Capital One cash back offers?

I noticed the offers a few months ago but the only one I've been interested in so far was Macy's, except I haven't needed anything so didn't utilize it. Chase Checking offers have generally been better for my spending habits/interests so I use those pretty frequently. 

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