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Capital One mystery denial

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Capital One mystery denial

Let me start by stating that I have been rebuilding my credit for the last couple of years and am getting close to my goals. My current FICOS are EQ- 692 & TU- 699. I have 1 collection from 5 years ago that was for a local utility that has been paid and 2, 60-day lates from a car loan 6.5 years ago which will drop soon. I have recently been approved by a local CU for $1000 visa and Barclays itunes card for $1500. I also have Cap 1 with $750, Orchard with $500 and BBRZMC for $500. only the cap 1 has a balance right now and that's just $150. 


I also had a Cap. 1 card about 12 years ago when I was barely out of high school. I had maxed it out but then paid it off and closed it. I then found out about 4 years ago that there had been a tiny balance left on it from some charge they didn't process and I never knew about it. I assumed it was closed. Come to find out that with penalties and interest etc.. it had ballooned to $900 or so. When I found this on my report I disputed it and it was promptly removed. That was 4 years ago. 


So, about 10 days ago I decided to apply for the Cap 1 Venture card. I was denied instantly and yesterday received the denial letter in the mail. It stated that they had not pulled a CR but instead found a past or current delinquent account on my file and could not approve me. I decided to call a back door number for a recon and further explanation. The first rep I spoke to was useless and basically said there was nothing he could do and he didn't know why I was denied. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was transferred. The next person I spoke with said the same things and that he can see my current account is in good standing but that there is something in my file that is causing them to deny. I explained that situation with the old card but he said he had no access to that info and no one could tell me exactly what it says in my file and if that is why I was denied. 


So, my questions are: Does Capital 1 have a blacklist? If so, why would they have approved me last year for the platinum card? And do you think there is any way to get a straight answer from them on what is actually in my file?


Thanks and I appreciate any feedback. 

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Re: Capital One mystery denial

The Capital One Venture is very hard to get because the minimum CL is $5000.00, maybe that's why... Forget Capital One, other banks offer much more than Capital One.

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Re: Capital One mystery denial

The VENTURE is one of their prime cards (a Signature Visa), and requires *excellent* credit.

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Re: Capital One mystery denial

Several posters have shared that Cap 1 has been reviving old, OLD debt and asking for the monies.


Yes, Cap 1 does blacklist.  With your old debt having gone to collections, it may be that no one at Cap 1 realized this existed when you app'd/rec'd your other card.   Then life was injected into your old debt and Cap 1 was once again aware....

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