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Capital One not so BK friendly anymore?

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Capital One not so BK friendly anymore?

An online CSR was evasive when I asked if Cap1 would extend credit to those with a "Public Record" on their credit report.


I didn't get a direct answer, but the jist of it was that those with "existing" accounts who have PRs can get additional Cap1 credit products. This led me to conclude that new applicants with PRs probably WON'T.


Maybe they really are going in a new direction from the past.



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Re: Capital One not so BK friendly anymore?

pretty sure they are still BK friendly as long as it's discharged.
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Re: Capital One not so BK friendly anymore?

I am not sure they are BK friendly anymore, even for current cardholders. I have had an account since 2003. Had a BK dischargedin 2002. I have not had a late payment since then, and have several TL's other than Cap. One. I have a balance of 735.00 and a CL of 3K. Scores (My Fico - as of 2/3/09) are: TU 703, EXP 709, EQ 686. They sent one of those solicitation emails ("because of your excellent account management, you are a valued customer, ...blah, blah, blah...). They siad I was preapproved. Well, I applied and was denied. I am waiting for the letter to call the number to see if they will do a recon.

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Re: Capital One not so BK friendly anymore?

Capital One is no longer BK friendly i applied last year twice an i was denied 2 times because of a DISCHARGED BK showing on my reports.

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Re: Capital One not so BK friendly anymore?

I applied in 10/2008 and was approved with a $5K credit line. My bk was discharged in 12/2004 and current credit scores are in the low 700s.
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Re: Capital One not so BK friendly anymore?

I was approved in December 08 for a $1,000 CL rewards Visa with a BK in 2000 and a 42K tax lien in 2002.


Go figure.

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Re: Capital One not so BK friendly anymore?

Who in the world can ever figure them out?  I had a BK discharged in 1/2003.  The only two negative accounts on my report are a CapOne card discharged in that BK (less than $300 balance, and never mind the several other cards I've had with them all paid to the penny as agreed), and a CapOne installment dental loan in which I paid perfectly on all 24 monthly payments except one late in July 2006, which I made up promptly with the next payment.  That late is the bane of my existence, it seems, since it's quoted everywhere as a reason for credit denial.


In fact, I have applied for CapOne cards and loans and been denied due to something like, "negative history with Capital One."


UNTIL a few weeks ago when I was approved for a card.  I have no idea what their formula is, if any, for forgiving and forgetting (there is no forgetting with Capital One but they might move on and give you another chance.)

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Re: Capital One not so BK friendly anymore?

I had a BK discharged in 10/2006 that included a cap one card, and in 5/2007 I applied for another cap one card and got it,  I also applied again in 10/2007 and got another one. I just combined those cards in 12/2008 and was considering getting another one from them.


It's odd however because in December I checked their preapproval site and was preapproved for a no hassles rewards card with no AF, but I wanted to wait a few months after the combining to get one, I just checked the site again a couple of days ago and I'm not preapproved for anything (scores are in the 680 range). They have been BK friendly in the past, maybe they still are, but they have definitely made some changes recently.

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