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Capital One "Pre-Qualified" Site

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Re: Capital One "Pre-Qualified" Site


haulingthescoreup wrote:


nicemann wrote:


Well my FICO showed 716 for TU (Classic 04), 689 for Ex (Fair Isaac V2), 686 for EQ (Beacon 5).  That was as of 6/30/2010.  But those are mortgage scores not sure if they use a different formula for FICO.  MY signature has the ones I bought before...



myFICO scores are the classic mortgage scores like you have, mostly. The EQ score here is the Beacon 5.0. (I think there's a .0 on it, but I know it's 5.) The TU sold here and by TU on a difficult-to-find website called (note the cs) is Classic 98 rather than 04. Back when we could buy our Experian FICO, it was the Fair Isaac V2 that you have.


There are other FICO scores, including auto-enhanced and credit-card-enhanced, plus there's FICO 08, an updated version which is trickling through some industries. But since Fannie Mae and company pull classic FICO's, that's what you buy here. Mostly.


* pauses for moment of envy that you know your EX FICO score *


* and your TU 04 score, for that matter *

Great info, guess I can update my signature.  Maybe MyFico should give you a choice of the the formula you want your score done with.  Just think of how much more money they could make.  I am sure some people will buy all the different types for each bureau.  Smiley Very Happy


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Re: Capital One "Pre-Qualified" Site

You know that saying curiosity killed the cat....Ok no more applying for anything for at least a year.


"Thank you for your interest in becoming a Capital One® customer.  We couldn't approve you for the Capital One® Credit Card and we'll follow up in writing within a couple of weeks to explain the specific reasoning behind our decision."
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