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Capital One secured Platinum graduation

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Re: Capital One secured Platinum graduation

I got my secured cap one card back in March 2019. I gave them a $250 deposit out warning or email I logged into my account after my 7th billing cycle to pay off my balance like I do multiple times every month I use the card a lot and just pay it off weekly they increase my CLI to $550 without notice I called and asked them about returning my security deposit but it seems as though all secured cards need to go through a credit steps program initial deposit, $300 increase, $500 increase then $1000 increase with no Missed payments to graduate. After the CLI increase I went to the pre-qualify capital one tool offered me a quicksilver one card with a $500 credit limit unsecured. Not really sure if they have a rhyme or reason about giving you your security deposit back and unsecuring a capital one Platinum card but they are increasing secure card credit limits I guess eventually converting you to a separate car what's your credit score it's high enough. Hope this helps
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Re: Capital One secured Platinum graduation

While step increase is a feature their secured cards, they are not graduating them at this time, regardless of step program
You can call five times and get five different answers, but graduation is not possible at this time.
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