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Capital cash rewards AF waiver?!

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Re: Capital cash rewards AF waiver?!

MojaveMoon wrote:

Thank you, jsucool76; that sounds like a straight forward painless process.


About how much time should I set aside for making this request ? (I think I'll feel more comfortable asking via online chat)


Were there any additional questions that were asked of you by the agent before the agent processed your request ?


Is this cash rewards that you were converted to still a plain mastercard, or is this cash rewards one of the various types of world mastercard ?

Really late response here, sorry about that, never saw the thread. 


1. I did it online via Chat Now, it took maybe 10-15 minutes tops (i asked other questions in the chat too, so it will probably be even shorter for you if they decide to do it)

2. They simply transferred me to a representative from a different department, they asked me "Cash or Miles" then i had to say "I Accept" to the new terms and conditions (One of them being "Your account won't be elligible for any other upgrades for 60 days." No income verification or anything like that. 

3. My Card is still the same white/purple-ish platinum mastercard I got when I applied, I'm still waiting for new card in the mail (which is supposed to be the green cash rewards card). The only way to get the world mastercard or visa signature version (whichever they offer, I think they offer both) is if your CL is $5,000+


Hope this helps, again, sorry it took so long. 



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