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Capital one CLI request

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Capital one CLI request

  okok after learning so much on here and getting great results obtaing new accounts I decided tonight to go over some existing cards and go for CLI requests so I started with Capital One. Account opened 3 years perfect pay used the back door number listed here (great information) picked up to a rep in 3 rings.

   He stated there will be no customer initiated CLI's until further notice and they will be soon reviewing accounts and pulling credit to offer CLI's to existing customers so since I have never applied for a Cli (did not even know what that was 3 months ago) I decided to wait till the end of the year and keep learning along the way. My nine new accounts all have good starting amounts so I will just leave my old accounts alone and not cancel them due to age factor. I got good results obtaining new good accounts but could not get cli's on existing perfect pay accounts! Seems kinda strange~

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Re: Capital one CLI request

If you log into your account on Capital One's site and dig through their help/customer service portion there's a part in there that mentions that they aren't doing any CLI's at this time.  So it's not just you....


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