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Capital one Quick silver shows no offers what gives.

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Re: Capital one Quick silver shows no offers what gives.




Ok first I don't live Credit adony and also I am not anangry if I don't get an increase fro Capital one or any other lender. I have total of credit available 230K and for example US bank which is know to be conservative lender has provided me with total of 39.5K on two credit cards with less then 500 dollars spend per month and not every month. Also I use the cards that give me the most rewards, for example the US altitude go visa gives 4% on eating out eating in. I am not going to kis the ground just because cap one gives me 1.5% back. The reason I like to vompare different banks and post them to boards is because I want others to see what my experience is that may help others in there credit and what may be easer to increase there credit lines.


Capital One is know as sub prime lender and there business model is to generate revenue by intrest charges late fees over limit fees. I rather do business with bank who will reward me for not going near my credit limit then increasing limit getting the customer into more debt. Wells Fargo and US bank are harder to to start relationship with and get your first credit card, but once in you can build your credit line pretty fast and big amounts. For example Wells fargo started me out with 7K limit on the Propel card and over the next 3 years grew to 23K. If when I need to move money or open new accounts it is going to be with banks like Wells Fargo or US bank, and if friends family would ask where should I go for my banking needs it is not going to be Capital One.


Yes I do understand about reserve requirements, the needs to put cashaside for loan and credit losses, it does not cause them that much more to increase line from 10K to 20K also depends on risk factor and fico scores of there total portfolio. Another thing Capital one puts card holders into buckets and once your in bucket you can't get out of it your stuck and you can't grow credit limit. From what read is that Cap One does this to bolster there trust fund for bonds used to fund there creditcard lending.



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Re: Capital one Quick silver shows no offers what gives.

This thread has run it's course several times now. 


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