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Capital one Quicksilver $200 Bonus

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Capital one Quicksilver $200 Bonus

Just a heads up the quicksilver card is up to a $200 bonus for $500 spend.  Got to be honest  that is tempting even though I already have the card and it's bucketed at $600, the $200 bonus always look good.


Does capital one still allow combining of credit limits?

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Re: Capital one Quicksilver $200 Bonus

At this time, no they don't. A $200 bonus is nice but I'd argue it's not worth three HPs to end up with a second 1.5% card identical to the one you have...

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Re: Capital one Quicksilver $200 Bonus

Totally agree that there are way better cards out there to SUB chase for $200. Did you see that Savor is $300 and Venture is at a whopping $600 right now? IMO the Venture would be the only one worth going for if you're not going to use the card and are truly only after it for the SUB. 

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Re: Capital one Quicksilver $200 Bonus

As far as scooping up a SUB, 80k points ($800) sub from the CSP is pretty strong at the moment.

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Re: Capital one Quicksilver $200 Bonus

Their bonuses are nice, but I wish they would refresh their cards.  QS is so boring and the annual fees on their higher tier cards seem too high for what you get.   Venture could end up being interesting depending on how it plays with their new Hopper partnership, though.  

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Re: Capital one Quicksilver $200 Bonus

Cap1 hasn't been combining accounts for some time now.

It's a nice SUB but I'd agree with a few others, not sure it's worth the 3 HP's and new/same CC you already have.

Thanks for posting the SUB info.


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Re: Capital one Quicksilver $200 Bonus

In my honest opinion Capital One gives both current card holders and new one's PAUSE with their overbearing triple pulls and even interests rates APR normally above average of other banks. Not to mention heavy demand usage they expect for mediocre at best limit increases if one can even eek one out of them.


That Quicksilver SUB is even lackluster IMO.

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