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Capital one combining

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Capital one combining

Apologies if this has been mentioned. I searched and read a few posts but wasn’t understanding.

So I have a cap1 platinum card that was my first account after rebuilding and is just shy of 2 years old. They just recently gave me a cli making it $600. I was approved for the quick silver one for $3k. I wouldn’t mind combining them and closing the platinum card since I don’t think it will ever really get a good CL. Is that still possible to combine? Will it affect my credit being the oldest account if I were to combine and it get closed? Or should I just leave it alone and continue to use it and pay in hopes for them to actually give it a decent CL?

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Re: Capital one combining

They stopped combining accounts sometime in the last 12 months or so. It may or may not come back.

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Re: Capital one combining

Ah man! Figures now that I wanna combine lol. Ok looks like I’ll just keep using and cross my fingers that it improves

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Re: Capital one combining

Happened sometime around Christmas I think.


I've been checking every two months by searching the forum for this exact topic to see if it's changed.


Still sitting on my hands waiting. I wanted to combine my wife's two Cap One CCs a few months after they stopped offering it.

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Re: Capital one combining

Yep, it stinks! I have a both a secured Platinum card with them that's stuck at $1,302 and a Platinum PCed Venture World Mastercard that started at $500 CL and has risen to $6,500 over 5 years! I have no idea how the .02 got into that mix on the secured card, but the secured card no longer serves a significant purpose. I do wish they'd combine limits again, but I spoke with two CSRs and they won't. Plus, they halted their graduation on secured cards! So, if I wanted the money I put down years ago, I'd have to close the account. Ugh!

Here's my food for thought: Cap 1 irks me due to: small CLI increases over the years, recent security breach, unwillingness to graduate secured cards, and providing me better service/products. BUT, I do love them because they were one of the very few lenders who gave me a chance when no one else would. They extended credit to me for retails cards with better starting limits than their actual credit cards, and pre-approved me for automobile financing at a low APR and high amount. They're an odd pickle, but I do in some way love them and will remain loyal to them. I'd say, stick with them and in time they will show you some love in their oddly mysterious, algorithmic ways!
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