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Capital one platinum

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Capital one platinum

So my wife and I are both fresh out of a BK7 (not my proudest moment but I’m owning it)

We both got Capital one cards they are as follows:
Platinum preferred
Credit steps “tracker” in app

No credit steps “tracker”

I’m a bit confused as to how we’re both In the same exact situation and she gets a better card. I guess my question is, do I not have the credit steps program on my card? The whole thing is just weird. I would’ve thought we’d get the same exact cards and limits being just out of a bankruptcy.

We’re both in a great place to rebuild now as she now has a job and my pay has improved significantly. We own our cars and home so it helps. We’d like to get a mortgage on a new home in a few years so we’re really shooting to get into the high 600’s low 700’s within 24-36 months.

Thanks for reading my book and thank you for your thoughts and insight.

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Re: Capital one platinum

You guys may be in the same boat, but you guys cant have identical files. Not only that, but a lot of lenders use proprietary algorithms to determine your CL that are basically black boxes that draw from many data points. Just keep badgering them every few months for the CL increase man, best of luck on your road to recovery! 

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