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CapitalOne CLI tips / backdoors?

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CapitalOne CLI tips / backdoors?

I'm on a quest to max my FICO score. I'm 827 atm and the one thing left I can do is raise my Cap1QS line as high as I can(its about 22k atm.)  This is my oldest card, almost 18 years.  It was a college card then turned into a platinum then QS.  I usually get 1 or 2k cli if I remember to update income and apply once a year or so.  According to credit wise via cap1 my highest credit lines are not high enough for some one with my credit profile.   How high should it be? I'd like to ask for 50k with the history I have but it appears totally automated now and denies high numbers with recent use of credit line to low.   Is there a backdoor number?


my other cards are 25k 36k 40k 

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Re: CapitalOne CLI tips / backdoors?

Hello @bluetegu, welcome to the forums.


Unfortunately, there is no backdoor number for Capital One for CLI requests.  Any requests are simply automated and for any CLs >$20K they'll be hard pressed to yield anything higher than what you would normally receive at the moment.  For individuals who were fortunate and able to combine CLs >$25K, their growth is stagnant at best and may see an occasional CLI here and there.

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Re: CapitalOne CLI tips / backdoors?

The typical advice for Capital One CLIs is to use the card a lot and pay in full. That can result in increases up to 3k or so.


However, we've occasionally seen people shoot for the moon and get it. What usually happens is that they'll get a "we'll get back to you" message with an approval a few days later.


Don't put a lot of stock into recommendations to increase your credit limits unless that advice comes from this forum. Smiley Happy

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Re: CapitalOne CLI tips / backdoors?

Since I closed my Venture & moved the limit to my Quicksilver I've been at $31,750 for 2 years with zero cli's...they won't budge. I don't need more but I try here & there. The only way I'll ever see more IMHO would be to open another card & eventually try to combine down the road...


I do use my card for $300-$500 every other month or so...clearly may not be heavy enough use to them for a cli.

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Re: CapitalOne CLI tips / backdoors?

I'm pretty much the same as physh1. Mine has been 27,500 for 10 years. No auto CLIs, and I requested a CLI recently. Nada. They won't budge. I spend about 700-800 per month. They led me to believe that I don't have enough spend on the card to warrant a CLI. 


I PIF, and its primarily a dining and entertainment card, and so its unlikely I'd max it out in one month lol.

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