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CapitalOne EO Email?

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Re: CapitalOne EO Email?

Could u kindly e-mail me the EO email, thanks

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Re: CapitalOne EO Email?

longtimelurker wrote:

[Teach to Fish mode:]  You are on something called the internet.  It is possible to search for things on the internet.  In fact, a lot of bright people have put a lot of work into making it easy to find things.   One such product is called Google.   You can use google to search for, what might be good...., um "Capital One CEO email"


If you do this you get a list of results.   And the very first one in the list (you don't even need to click on the link) contains the info that you need.

[\Teach to Fish mode]



killing me over here

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Re: CapitalOne EO Email?

Well, I wasn't as quite as rude as I could have been.  


The mod on Flyer Talk pointed out that instead of POSTING "Person X, please PM me....", you could in fact PM that person with that request, thus using the intended functionality of PM.  

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