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CapitalOne "good useage" CLI

Mega Contributor

Re: CapitalOne "good useage" CLI

Mustanglvr2006 wrote:

Gollum wrote:

LilloEsquilo wrote:

I can tell you it's NO better  you talk to the same Peggy you talked to when you had the subprime card. I speak from experience here.


Your reply lacks attribution.

To whom you are replying is unknown.


In the future (for this WWW forum) click the "Reply" button in the lower-right corner, then click the "Quote" button before typing your reply.

I read the entire Thread and I knew exactly what this Member was referring to.


It's nice to give Members advice, but no need to TELL Members what to do.


Just sayin.........


To add to this Thread, Crap1 is Crap1, no matter how you spin it, the "canned responses" we all get is annoying and unprofessional IMO.


That's as far in depth as I'll go, as most of you already know my feelings regarding Crap1.



Crap1 is Crap1 is Crap1. every day Smiley Very Happy

EQ FICO 548 3/3/16
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