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Capitalone savor credit card

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Capitalone savor credit card

Ok so I got approved for a savor card for $20,000 . . . I’m a pretty big spender so on the application I usually put $5,000+ when they ask u how much u typically spend on credit cards each month . . . So in the beginning when I used the card, almost every transaction ended with the transaction being declined. Upon receiving the decline I would have to call into customer service and verify my identity, which I have no problem doing and I like the fact that they take my identity and protection of my customer information so seriously. All told, Within the first half of the month I think I must have uploaded my driver license a total of 6-10 times for identity verification. . . Each time the transaction would eventually approve. Now moving on to the beginning of the second month, it appeared cap one removed all restrictions. I no longer had to call in because the transaction declined. I was able to use my card without any kind of decline or verification. my balance was about $2000+ . . . toward the end of the second month, around the 20th (my monthly payment due date is the 28th of every month) my balance was about $10,000+ I around the 24th I did a balance transfer of $9,000 with my other credit to my savor (I like using my savor card because of the reward it give me for dinning and entertainment which I do spend a good amount doing) but I guess the BT won’t process or be post until a week later or so . . . Anyway outta no where the next day the 25th I try using my savor that night and it got decline (had to use my other card to paid for bill because their protection department was close) . . . So I call them the next day speak to a female agent and she told me that the system declined the transaction on its own and recommended that I get a replacement cause it feel that my card was compromise so system decline the transaction and restricted the account . . . So the female agent told me that all I needed to do is have a replacement then my account would be in good standing so I did exactly what the agent told me n my account was back to normal . . . The next morning I sign in my app to check my transaction and to see why would the system think I needed a replacement which I didn’t know was possible . . . And a line pop up stating that my account was restricted, I was like huh . . . So I call and talk to a different female agent so she told me that everything was fine and all it is was that the system restricted my account until I receive my new replacement and activate my new card then it would automatic take the restriction off . . . So I receive my replacement within a day or two but during the activation process the agent told me that they need me to send them document and they’ll contact me within a day or two after they done processing my document . . . So I did what they ask, instead of them calling me I had to call them myself . . . So here’s the issue ima just sum it up and make it short . . . So they told me they couldn’t authenticate my document so they are putting my account on permanent restriction . . . I don’t know what that mean I ask them for more detail but they keep telling me they can’t access my account for more detail . . . My account wasn’t close or consider fraud and they won’t take of the restriction or tell me any further detail . . . They wouldn’t even give me my reward but they wanted me to paid my balance which by now the BT is already process so I already paid $9,000 . . . Can anyone tell me what I can do or have anyone experience this nonsense ??? Thanks
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Re: Capitalone savor credit card

Unfortunately it sounds like the usage of the card struck them as risky and they flagged you for potential fraud. When you sent them documentation and they couldn’t verify it, that’s the kiss of death for the account. They will close it eventually. Sorry but there’s not really a process with Capital One to get these decisions overturned. You can try emailing the EO but Capital One is 99.9% automated — whatever the computer decides is final. 

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Re: Capitalone savor credit card

I wouldn't do anything until your BT processes, then keep paying it and move on to another card.

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Re: Capitalone savor credit card

Your description of your usage patterns for the card sound suspicious or at least highly unusual.

Capital One obviously thought so too or you wouldn't have had all the identity verification.

I've never been asked to do that with several decades of credit history.


Some questions or comments:

What other cards or credit history do you have?

What income did you report to them to be spending $5K per month?

Was any of that spending "manufactured spending" on gift cards, money

orders, funding other bank accounts or the like?

That's a pretty high monthly spend for most people unless they have

their own business or a very high income.

What documentation were they unable to verify?


If you reported high income, it seems you would have gotten higher than

$20K limit.  So I'm confused.


And then within about three (?) months of opening, you were pushing the $20K limit with a combination of $10K spending and $9K balance transfer.  Whatever it was, you definitely made them nervous about your intentions, account activity patterns, etc.  So they flagged you.  Most people just don't spend that way



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Re: Capitalone savor credit card

You transfered $9k to Savor or Savor One?

Savor has no 0%, right?

If so, that itself seems like a red flag.

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Re: Capitalone savor credit card

What types of businesses were you trying to use your Savor card? I just got mine a couple months ago and literally used the heck out of it and never had an issue? Capital One is *known* to love heavy usage, so it seems there's something else amiss. In the end, the BT may have sent a red flag up, as this card isn't really geared towards that.


When they asked you for verification documents, did you make sure the scans were clean and ledgible?


If there's one near you, you could try going into a Cap One branch and seeing if they can authenticate your documents there and calling in for you. I went to one of their "Cafe" branches when I tried for a CLI on my Union Plus card and they called directly to underwriting (Only to find out later that they won't do CLI's on that "product"). Smiley Mad But that's how I eventually found out the real reason I could never get a CLI out of them.

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Re: Capitalone savor credit card

I think OP meant he BT-ed 9k from Savor to his other card.

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Re: Capitalone savor credit card

I’m not sure what to say or think about this. Only that is that when a card is new from any lender for that matter it is not a good idea to immediately start charging thousands of dollars right off the bat. You need to start slow and give them a chance to get to know you. Over time, all lenders will trust you enough that a $5000 charge for example would not worry them. As to the BT part not sure what to say. I wish you luck in fixing this and hopefully enjoying your Savor card. Or is it Savor One?
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Re: Capitalone savor credit card

OP, I hope you can get this resolved, but if not, just move on. I am not particularly a Cap One fan, so it doesn't sound like much of a loss to me, but opinions vary. I will say, the whole time I was reading what you were doing with the card, I was thinking "he's scaring them to death." Good luck!

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Re: Capitalone savor credit card

Google Captial one Executive email, and send them an email. Also, you cant file a complaint with the FTC for unfair practices and see where that gets you.  Good Luck! 

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