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Capitol One EO Preparation

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Re: Capitol One EO Preparation

myjourney wrote:

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myjourney wrote:

espnjunkie wrote:

They didn't ask me anything about income or assets actually, which surprised me. I explained to the rep that I had other accounts and cards that were more than happy to approve me for "prime" limits, while Capital One seems to pigeon hole me in the average credit category


My guess is that they don't really have a system that graduates starter cards to prime cards over time and that these requests handled through the executive office are a fairly new thing for them to deal with. 

Sorry you didn't get the right EO person...Bad move by CAP1

But they have been handling request through the EO for almost 2 years and as a matter of fact I spoke with them this morning for my 2nd attempt for 2 CLI's as well as change my 1.5% rewards to 2%


My first resulted in 2 accounts being doubled in March of this year 

Just my thoughts but you should try again maybe you'll get a better trained rep 

Good luck 



For which card are you asking to be changed from 1.5% rewards to 2%? QuickSilver? Is such a thing possible?

Sorry just getting back to you don't know how I missed this question

It was a cash rewards recently converted to quicksilver this month by Cap1 and that card I requested 2x miles 

So essentially I'd like to change that to the venture card point structure you never know until you ask and I seem to remember one such case 


The other card is a sparks business which I requested be bumped from 1% to 2% 



i have 2 cap one cards, one of which was an orchard converted cap1...on that card i asked for them to put the 1.5 percent cashback...on my cap1 platinum, i asked them to put the venture one bonus miles of 2x...both requests went smoothly...


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