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Capitol One and AMEX

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Capitol One and AMEX

Here’s what we found

Xxxxxxxxx, there are no pre-qualified offers for you at this time. But you might want to check out the offer below.


Platinum Prestige???  I find that it gives me different cards depending on what I type in as far as my credit and what kind of card I am looking for.  This time I selected "low interest cards" for "excellent credit"...


See if You’re Pre-Qualified

Give us a little information to help us look for pre-qualified offers. It takes less than a minute!


No I am not Spamming this board this is just weird stuff...Smiley Tongue


This here is definitely not Spam (I cold apped for AMEX Blue Cash in Feb. 2010):


Dear Black Lotus:


Thank you for your recent application for Blue from American Express.  After reviewing your request, regrettably, we are unable to open an account for you at this time for the following reason(s):



Your consumer credit bureau score from Experian is too low  (See below)

Your consumer credit bureau score mentioned above was determined using a scoring system that evaluated the information in your file at the consumer reporting agency named above.  The following are the primary factors in your credit report that affected your credit bureau score:


Derogatory public record or collection filed.  

Length of time accounts have been established. 

Time since derogatory public record or collection is too short.  

Too many inquiries last 12 months. 


That derog was the last thing I PIF and am waiting to fall off Experian.  I did this around March-April and it still exists on my EX.  Too many inquiries- I just financed a pre-owned 2009 model car in Dec.





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Re: Capitol One and AMEX

I don't let denials get to me- there are just so many better offers out there.  I don't kick myself over them because I know its not the end of the world.


BTW I never apped Capitol One just curious if I was preapproved for anything...

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Re: Capitol One and AMEX

IMO, there are better options than Amex these days. There are plenty of fish in the sea.Smiley Happy

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Re: Capitol One and AMEX

Two years ago I got an Amex Delta card with $8K limit with 3 judgment a collection and chargeoff on my credit report. I'll probably get the card converted this summer before I get my A/C for the delta. I'm in the 720+ club now so annual fees I don't do anymore.

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