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Card match

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Card match

It's a soft pull service that matches cards to your profile...anyone ever used this? It said I could get a cap one cash rewards, but cap one's website doesn't have any per approvals for me. I did opt that why? Or is it because I have a bbrzmc and am an AU on my husband's cap one?

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Re: Card match

I think those services look at your profile and compare you to others and who got what sort of thing.


Being prequalified means that the bank itself did that and wants you to apply the two are pretty much unrelated and neither guarentees an approval (or even a denial for that matter)

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Re: Card match

I tried it once. It seemed very strange - recommended just about every amex revolver, and just about every cap on prime card (no citi or chase which I thought was odd)


Another thing that was strange about it was it recommended  me a few rebuilder/first premier cards, even though I'm not rebuilding and the cards listed in my sig are the only ones I have ever had (with the exception of a cap one student card that I've permanently sd'ed until they close it for me.)


To try to answer your question though, I am opted in and got cap one offers for the card match, but get nothing whenever I try their prequalifier. I don't think card match is a reliable service, and even though they sp ex they still tailor their results to promote ccc's that pay them the most (or probably something like that anyway).

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Re: Card match

They have to make their money somewhere, so presumably they're taking "advertisement" money for recommending certain lender's cards.


No different than Credit Karma in that regard.

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Re: Card match

Just tried this, really is quite funny....


According to this, not only do I qualify for THREE AMAZING FIRST PREMIER CARDS....BUT....


Also the amex plat,PRG and a bunch of cap1s 

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