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Card offers in the mail today.

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Re: Card offers in the mail today.

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Re: Card offers in the mail today.

09Lexie wrote:
Between FP and Fingerhut my mailbox is full!

For us it is Discover IT, at least five times a month for each of the four of us.   The others (BoA, Amex, TD Bank etc) really stand out just because they are not the Discover IT.   What is the marketing budget for that card!

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Re: Card offers in the mail today.

Oh that is nice, get the kid to get the card and then close it before he turns 18. 


I love it when I get a Credit One offer.  They are the best card!

It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.....
Always follow these rules: Only take a HP for a new account. Always use the best rewards card for that reward category. Don't close a card unless you know you really should. Never use more than 35% of a credit limit. Recon as much and as best you can. Use the introductory period to the best advantage. Get the signup bonus. Whenever possible PIF or balance transfer so you pay less in interest. Never give an excellent rating when it is actually the norm. Always look for a discount as more is always better.
Always accept candy from strangers because they have the best candy or from people you know have good candy.
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