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Card wish list - plan of action

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Card wish list - plan of action

I'm rebuilding. Current scores low 600's due to new accounts. A LOT of new accounts, like 10. Because of those, inq's, and old baddies falling off, I know I shouldn't apply until at LEAST March of 2014, maybe April. The following are cards I really want and/or need to build my portfolio.

#1 - BCE

#2 - Discover It

#3 - CS or CSP

#4 - Citi TY or TYP

#5 - US Bank

#6 - Old Navy, Lowes, and Victorias's Secret


As long as I stay in the garden, by April of 2014, I will have 9 mos positive history on the new accounts, 12+ mos positive on a couple old accounts, no new inq's in the last 9 mos, and only ONE baddie, a $68 paid collection from 2011. AAoA will be around 1.5 - 2 yrs. Income $35k. Guessing scores should rebound to 700'+s by then. Should have high CL's by then of at least $5k on NFCU Visa.


What do you guys think my best plan of action is, for the above cards? I know I can't get them all at once, I learned that lesson already. LOL

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Re: Card wish list - plan of action

I'll give you my experienced info on US; they pull EQ, it's Beacon 5.0 (just like here), and they'll beat your highest "prime" card's limit.

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