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Cards Similar to Credit One.

Cards Similar to Credit One.

I got approved for a Credit One CC today!

::victory dance:: Smiley Happy

BUTTTTTTT....I still have a LONG way to go before my credit is useful for anything else. So, with all of my baddies on my account, should I go and get a secured card to have along with my unsecured or work on my Charge-Offs THEN worry about the CC's?





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Re: Cards Similar to Credit One.

You may have better luck getting another credit card (even a secured one) if you work on the negatives first. If you don't have a need for more credit right now, you may want to let this one age.



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Re: Cards Similar to Credit One.

Credit one worked for me as a great rebuilder card.  I just closed it after close to 5 years.  It served it's purpose as I could get CLI's ev ery 6 mos.  Hang on to it for a while & PIF every mo. will work in your favor for a long time even after you close it.

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