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Cards in college

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Re: Cards in college

For me, having the highest credit line possible right now really isn't my main concern. Mainly because I'm not putting much on the cards... Mostly just happy to be building up good history.



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Re: Cards in college

I just graduated in Dec. see my current cards in my sig. USAA and walmart and BCE are in the SD
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Re: Cards in college

Sorry for the question, but what is SD?

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Re: Cards in college

BCeltics5 wrote:

if you are currently in college, how many cards to you carry, if you have graduated, how many did you have, and do you still find those cards useful today?

I carried 6 main cards during college: Freedom, CSP, BCE, Discover More/IT, Citi Forward and the AmEx Zync. I had others too, but these were carried with me most of the time. I still have all of these cards because they are very useful years later. 

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Re: Cards in college

I have 5. WF Platinum, Cap1 QS, Barclay Rewards, Chase Freedom, and Cap1 Venture. Still in college. Use all of these cards based on what I'm buying.

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Re: Cards in college


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Re: Cards in college

Going into my senior year of college this fall, just got 3 extra cards back in February/March. To be fair, I'm 24, not typical college senior age, I just had my Discover card from when I was 22, and now my Double Cash, BCP and Ring (in order of acquisition). I think I'll be set for a while now.
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Re: Cards in college

I used just a Citi Dividend student version from my freshman year until about a year after I graduated. Then I PC'd to the WEMC Dividend and got most of the other cards in my sig. I also ended up PC'ing the Dividend again to the Double Cash card. I'm not sure a college student needs more than one or maybe two cards. First off, their spend probably can't justify spreading it out over so many rewards programs. Second, some may be a little careless with their credit lines, so fewer lines means less temptation to overspend and rack up credit card debt along with their student loan debt. If I was a student again I'd get maybe a double cash, if approval was feasible, for general spend and then maybe a Sallie Mae or Amex BCE for groceries and gas. Approval on those two cards for a college student with little or no credit may not be possible though.

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