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Cards post bk?

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Re: Cards post bk?

Reno, I was denied for Walmart twice, then approved just over the 6 month discharge mark. I didn't BK Walmart, but I did BK one GE card, JCP. I would try again in Sept.
Do a search on here for 'shopping cart'. There are a number of threads on Comenity cards that can be obtained without a hard pull, Victoria's Secret, Express seem to be the easiest.

Sorry, I don't know anything about Newegg.
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Re: Cards post bk?

reno55 wrote:
I have gotten a cap one platinum with a $300 CL and also just got a cap one rewards (green) with a $500 CL, both unsecured... Just could use some of the ones I mentioned and Tryed wal mart and got denied.. Bk discharged in march

OP, you are better off posting this on the BK board next time. Advice is generally well vetted there with very experienced folks.


That being said, youve done a good job so far. Citi is out of the question in 90% of the time this early. Conventional wisdom is don't bother applying till your Bk is 5-7 years.  You techinically need 3 cards to get your full rebuild going. You could go two routes here (either of which I would recommend).


If you keep both cards you currently own for about 5 months while keeping your util 1-3%, then you can re-apply for a GE card and a Barclays product. Other than that, consider joining a local CU (Vet their BK policy in detail) and open a secured loan/credit builder loan. Use the loan and open a secured card with them. That should give you 4 accounts in about 5 months once again Barclays and GE will be within reach. 


Search soulmaster on the BK thread, he has an excellent from Bk-700 fico in 24months step by step guide.

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Re: Cards post bk?

I had a bk and included a GE card (Lowes). I was able to get approved for a GE card (Care Credit) after bk with a 3500 limiting, then got a cli to 7k last year. GE is pretty BK friendly so I think you'd prob be ok with the Walmart card. Not sure on the others.

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Re: Cards post bk?

mnavas wrote:
Ok it might be possible to get unsecured cards but i guess they have the worst terms high annual fees and APR..

Umm, Jan 2010 BK7 here...and I have over $50,000 in available credit and three prime credit cards with optimal APRs and no AF.


Blanket statements are typically untrue when it comes to BK and CCs. Each lender views them differently...and with respect, not all BKs are the same or are viewed the same by said lenders.

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Re: Cards post bk?



i burned walmart last year and just i hace apped for walmart twice since post bk....but no go.


however i just apped for PP MC but got smart connect instead.....but who cares as long as i'm back in.......RIGHT?

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Re: Cards post bk?


Yes, as long as you have your foot in the door- that's what's important
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Re: Cards post bk?

mnavas wrote:

if your BK is too recent (less than 3 or 4 years) you won't be able to  qualify for any insecured credit cards not even store cards.... just secured card at this point....


I got three unsecured cards less than 30 days from discharge.

Two bad ones with high interest and fees and one very good card. See signature.

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