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Cards with no FTF and no AF

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Re: Cards with no FTF and no AF

In an abundance of caution against nerfs...and for the rare occasion I'd need a PIN but not have contactless as an option...I keep an old no-AF Arrival MC.


Not sure if there's any way to PC to it...I don't think there is.

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Mostly earning MRs and cash back as I use up hotel and airline points spread across several programs.
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Re: Cards with no FTF and no AF

another is AAA credit card from BofA


3% travel

2% on gas, grocery store, wholesale club, and drugstore purchases


p/s: there are so many card no FTF no AF to list

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Re: Cards with no FTF and no AF

SDFCU is no FTF and no AF. It gives 2% cashback. It has $250 worth of cell phone insurance on it (not $600 like the Uber but better than nothing). You can get it with Chip + PIN priority. You can join the credit union by being a member of Consumer Council, which is free. It's a Visa, so widely accepted.
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