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Cards you've laid out to pasture (September 2012 edition)

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Re: Cards you've laid out to pasture (September 2012 edition)

Capital One "Platinum" Visa $750 CL, $39 AF, opened in 2005, NEVER a CLI

Capital One "Platinum" MC $300 CL, $39 AF, opened in 2004 at $200 CL, $100 CLI in 2009

Capital One Spark Business $750 CL, $39 AF, opened Jan 2011, refused CLI or to waive AF

Orchard Bank $700 CL, AF Opened in 2004

American Express PRG, long story but they kept declining charges so it was no longer worth keeping, definitely wasn't going to pay an AF for that kind of treatment


Now I have $59,000 in credit limits, low APR's, Signature cards and amazing customer service from companies such as Discover, Chase, Citi and DCU

Ch 7 Discharge 3/12/2018
Credit One $700, Wayfair $3,500

AU Cards: CSP $37.7k; Chase Marriott $20k; Citi TY $8.5k; Barclays Arrival+ $15k
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