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Care Credit application - apply now or wait

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Care Credit application - apply now or wait

Hi All,

I just got approved for a Visa card with 10K limit (my highest yet since rebuilding).  It has not posted yet to my credit report. 

I'm wondering if I should apply with Care Credit BEFORE the new Visa hits my reports or not? Opinions please...The inquiry for the new Visa was taken from TU report. I believe Care Credit pulls EQ (does anyone know?). I have not had an inquiry on EQ since prolly September of 2009? my guess I can burn one anyway...


So would I be better off applying now for Care credit before the new Visa card hits or wait?  Reason I like care credit is because they are offering payment plans up to 18 months with NO interest. I could put the procedure on my Visa as well and the rate for that is 9.90 but I could just throw money at it.


My Tu score as of yesterday was 709 and EQ was lower at 688 (high utilitiy at 42%, ugh).


Any advice? Thanks in advance.

Starting Score: 682 EQ, 663 TU
Current Score: 687 EQ - 705 TU on 7/18/10
Goal Score: 700 + both EQ and TU

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