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CareCredit Phone Number

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CareCredit Phone Number

I hit submit and I think I should have been in Firefox not Safari because it didn't look like it completed, or a button appeared that said click for decision but it wouldn't open. Anyone have a number to call to get decision?

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Re: CareCredit Phone Number

Try this number.


(800) 677-0718

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Re: CareCredit Phone Number

i hate Care Credit. They are the WORST. Its even more annoying when you talk to their customer service reps and they are ignorant and uneducated about their own product. Its time for these crappy companies to realize that we the consumers run the show, not them. Customers interest keeps them afloat.

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Re: CareCredit Phone Number

I've had both good and bad experiences with all my CC issuers. I don't let it ruin my day. Life is too short.

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