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Carnival Fun points Barclay's

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Carnival Fun points Barclay's

Just got my terms and card today and was reading it....


24.99% APR VARY

0% APR for 9 billing cycles


Penalty APR is 30.24%

  if you 

  1.     make a late payment
  2. go over your credit limit
  3. make a payment that's returned
  4. Do any of the above on another account you have with us


No interest if you pay in full 23 days after the close of each billing cycle


Gezz the interest rates don't seem to be going down these days what's next 50% APR ?



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Re: Carnival Fun points Barclay's

I was thinking about apping for this card. If you don't mind my asking.....what was your scores at time of approval for this card?  Do you have other Barclaycard products?


And yes, intrest rate's aren't getting any lower...especially with credit like mine.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Carnival Fun points Barclay's

My wife has a Itunes for 1500 when we applied which I am a secondary card holder to so it reports but they never said anything about it.


I applied back in Feb of this year and called the backdoor number on this site. I started going off on the rep and explaining how it's BS they denied me in Feb and I wasn't even trying to apply again but it pissed me off that they denied me when I pay my wifes card in full every month and she doesn't work.

I'm the main bread winner here why can't I get the damn card?

The rep and I spoke for 45 minutes and then he asked to pull a new report to see if what I said was true.


In Feb when I applied I had dual BK's and many 5 year old student loan baddies etc..

score was 

TU 671

EX 602

EQ 623


When he pulled it a few weeks ago my score was

TU 685

EQ 662

EQ 656

 My second BK was gone and many other baddies fell off but my 5 year old student loan baddies still were there but they did notice my credit has been doing well since the lates 5 years ago.


So he approved me 


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