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Centurion Card Declined

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Centurion Card Declined

Excerpt you all might like. Smiley Happy

"We were in the back because his credit card was denied," Grutman recalled. "So he called up the people at the Centurion Card and said, 'This is Mark Cuban. We just won the championship. Can I please spend some money?'"
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Re: Centurion Card Declined

Haha.. "Can I please spend some money".  Well, at least he said please. Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Centurion Card Declined

I can definitely see Mark Cuban saying that. 

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Re: Centurion Card Declined

LOL!  nice find

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Re: Centurion Card Declined



Love the answer...Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Centurion Card Declined

it's cute and funny answer but don't buy it.

He is a Billionaire AND clearly didn't just get his Black Card then and considering Black Card has dedicated reps, Amex wouldn't DREAM even in it's crazy bi-polar ways of putting a block on the account of a basketball team OWNER that just won a championship... I think even my IBM Computer of the 80's would know not to block a card that night

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